When it first entered the Indian market, OnePlus made its One smartphone available exclusively on Amazon. But since then, OnePlus has finally ditched its annoying invite-based system, which shows that the company has improved its supply chain.

oneplus one flipkart

And as we’re getting closer to the release of the next-generation OnePlus 2, it seems that the company is more and more interested in getting as many sales as possible from the current one. Obviously, once the next-gen gets released, that’s what consumers will be most interested in. OnePlus will perhaps even further discount the OnePlus One, but the biggest share of sales should be coming from the OnePlus 2.

According to a recent teaser shared by Flipkart on Twitter, it seems that the OnePlus One could soon be coming to the Indian retailer. The company tweeted the following, along with the above image:

The #One Wish Flipkart hasn’t fulfilled yet… is about to come true soon.

The hint is pretty obvious, and once OnePlus One becomes available, it will thus end its period of exclusivity on Amazon. If you recall, Xiaomi did the same thing when it decided to partner up with Amazon and Snapdeal to sell its products online. What’s funny is that the offices of Flipkart and OnePlus are next to each other in Bangalore, so it will be easier for them to be in touch.

Rumor has it that the OnePlus One will be offered by Flipkart starting from next week with the 64GB Sandstone Black model being available first. Although, we have independently verified the news from our sources, we will update with official information once it becomes available.

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