iOS 9 Allows You to Temporarily Delete An App to Free Up Space For Software Update

by: - Last updated on: June 24th, 2015

Apple received a lot of flak by users who were upset with the company for making it tedious to snag iOS 8 update. The update in question, depending on your device requires as much as 4GB of free space on your iPhone and iPad. At WWDC event earlier this month, the company announced that it’s fixing that in iOS 9, which will only require up to 1.4GB of free space on the device. But it seems that’s not the only significant boost the company is providing to its mobile operating system.


As a Twitter user points out, who was attempting to update to beta 2 of iOS 9, the company is introducing a new feature wherein it will allow users to temporarily delete an app and free up some space to get the desired software update. Once the updation process is over, the app automatically installs itself, retaining all the previous data.

While it may seem like a tiny feature, it could come very handy to users. The application of this new feature will be more significant to users who sport less storage sized iOS device, like the 8GB edition of iPhone 4s, or even 16GB variant of any iPhone and iPad, as well as similar iPods.

The company received a lot of criticism from users who were extremely disappointed by the significant storage space the new update required to make their device fit to receive it. It also slowed down the adoption rate of iOS 8, which was substantially slower than iOS 7 and even iOS 6.


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