Google has unveiled YouTube Red, a Netflix like premium subscription video channel sans the advertisements. The YouTube Red series has already signed up 10 series and will include a music service. YouTube Red will cost $9.99 per month which incidentally matches up with the Netflix standard two-stream HD. That being said, it will be difficult to convince the users to subscribe for YouTube Red, as the video streaming repository has been known to be a place wherein one can watch free videos in barter for advertisements.


The premium Youtube subscription not only lets users watch the videos without any ads but also lets them save on phones and tablets. The package also includes a freshly incepted version of the YouTube Music which has been integrated with the Google Play Music, thus allowing users to access multiple services with a single subscription.

YouTube has roped in celebrities like PewDie Pie who is known for his quirky gaming commentary and constructed a series around him. The other series includes Sing It, Lazer Team, A Trip to Unicorn Island, Untitles Joey Graceffa project, 360 Project from MatPat of Game Theory and many more. While the series looks pretty interesting, it might not just be convincing enough for enough people to shell out money.

YouTube Red has to limbo through the fact that users come to YouTube for free videos and people’s mind has been trained to do so for almost a decade. Adding to the woes is the freemium content arrangements, none of the content will be exclusive to YouTube Red and can be watched with ads on the usual YouTube. That being said, even if a teeny tiny bit of YouTube’s 1-Billion subscribers sign up for the service, they will reap the rewards. The multiple revenue streams for similar content is great as an idea but it will take some time to evolve as a mainstream option. To start with, YouTube Red will be available in US only.

Update: Google says any content creator who doesn’t want to be part of YouTube Red will have all his videos removed. So there’s no way for any content creator to let go of this subscription model while staying with ad supported free platform.

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