Google had announced the Cardboard project last year, the project was aimed at bringing rich and immersive experiences to a smartphone in a super affordable way. Today, Sunder Pichai has announced that Google will be bringing the Virtual reality experience to the YouTube Android App. The best part is that you don’t have to invest for a new setup provided that you own a smartphone and a Google Cardboard viewer.

Since YouTube now supports the VR videos, one can simply place their smartphones inside the Google Cardboard and watch videos in an immersive environment which will simulate the video environment by rendering an additional attribute of depth and allowing you to pan the video by moving the glasses. YouTube had recently announced the introduction of 360-degrees and the support for VR in YouTube completes the puzzle.

All you need to do is update the YouTube App, click on the new Cardboard icon and place your phone in the viewer. The best part of this new feature is the fact that it will support any video on Google cardboard be it the subtle Operas or the action packed Ken Block videos, you have it all at the tap of the fingerprint, in VR. If you are a publisher you can lead the pack with Jump, an exclusive VR programme by Google.

Since VR includes 3-D images which appear to be life sized and the angle of the video will be based on the user’s motion, thus by moving our head around we can pan the video. That being said, the video in question should be shot using a VR rig. Unlike 3D, in VR you actually feel immersed and experience being part of that world. Occulus has been leading the VR scene with a movie studio that specializes in developing movies whose story line is decided by the actions taken by the viewer, thus bringing the immersive video to a whole new level. Needless to say Google is spearheading the VR for all campaign with their affordable Cardboard’s and hopefully they will start adding more content to the list.

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