Drones have been the talk of town, be it the ever changing FAA regulations or the use of drones to carry out attacks on enemy soil. Now what we are talking about here is none of that it is in fact a surveillance drone which will hunt down the trespassers on its own. The security drone from Secom will not just capture pictures of vehicles and people trespassing but will also chase them and capture their number plates. The caveat however is that it won’t move faster than 6MPH, if its is a Cheetah that’s trespassing your field sorry it won’t help!

The Secom Security drone doesn’t come cheap it in fact comes with a rather bloated price tag of $6000 plus the monthly $41 the security firms share in maintaining the drone. So here is how it works- the Secom Drone would snap the pictures of the intruders and send them to the Secom monitoring center, which in turn detects the threat. The company however will send actual security guards to investigate and all the drone does is to give them the much needed heads on and proof of intrusion. That being said it is still unclear if the Drone needs to hover in the sky or the intrusion is triggered by a geo fencing system armed with alarm sensors.

The drone will be charged by a dedicated launch pad and as of now it is being marketed as the alternative for the usual Security cameras. The Drone will be up for sale in Japan on Friday. Secom had decided to launch the drone earlier but the Drone laws in Japan became stricter after a bloke flew drone into the prime minister’s office.

While some of us might brush off this drone as a boys toy it does have some serious use in surveillance of a patch of land. The buyers would most likely be corporates and Government agencies who would want to safeguard their properties from intruders.

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