Nearly after an year it launched the voice calling service, WhatsApp is reportedly testing out a video calling feature which would help it compete better with its rivals. The video calling feature was long overdue especially after considering the fact that other messaging services including Facebook Messenger, WeChat etc already have it.


A German blog seems to have gotten hold of the private beta for the app and the screenshots depict video calling and a couple of other features being tested out. Apart from the Video calling thing, WhatsApp also seems to be testing a multiple chat window option that would let users private chat with users in different tabs, simultaneously.

The Video calling menu comes baked with the usual set of features including the front/back camera toggle, repositioning the video preview on the main screen and the option to mute/unmute the microphone. The leak seems pretty legit but again it would be preposterous from our end to comment on the originality of the screenshots. Considering that the feature is still in developmental phase it is only a matter of time before it is actually rolled out to the public. Another interesting fact is that unlike last time, this time around the update might be actually incorporated in the iOS app first.

Now the feature per se is not a path breaking innovation or something of that sorts as most of the other Messaging apps have already been doing so but WhatsApp has nearly 900-Million Active Users and a feature rollout to such a large user base will redefine how we use the Messenger. This move might also further instigate the Telecos who are keen on imposing an Over The Top charges for Instant Messaging apps. In all likelihood if the pictures are legit the roll out might be carried out in several phases, just like how it was done during the rollout of voice calling feature.

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