Google Glass Explorer program breathed its last in early 2015 and after that the updates about the Google Glass hardware were missing altogether. While some of them pegged hopes on an improvised Google Glass second edition, the rest speculated that Google will focus on the enterprise edition of the device and the latter seems to have turned out right.


The New Google Glass will be called “Enterprise Edition” and as expected it does come with an improvised hardware and a redesigned button and hinge system. The folks at 9to5 Google were able to lay their hands on the new Google Glass hardware and they have corroborated that the new Google Glass doesn’t look strikingly different from its predecessor. That being said, the new design seems to offer a greater leeway as it also incorporated the foldable design.

The device is reportedly powered by Intel Atom processor and sports improved wireless connectivity thanks to the 5GHz WiFi band. Additionally, there is also a mention of a better heat management system which is expected to bring about the surge in the performance. The device would be charged by a Google made external battery which would cling to the hardware magnetically and charge it.

As earlier reports had rightly pointed out, robustness seems to be of utmost importance to the Google engineers. The prism is now attached to a hinge that would have a greater degree of freedom and is designed to withstand impacts and bruises. The Enterprise avatar would be waterproof and will prescribe to a closed build thus protecting it from liquids and any other foreign particles which would have otherwise damaged the hardware.

The latest rung of images from the FCC show off the construction of the device from close quarters and needless to say Google’s Glass for Work start-ups will be loading their software on the device thus squashing even the distant possibility of the Glass being sold to consumers. The Google Glass Enterprise edition has been teased all along and the fact that it has finally hit the FCC is a tell-tale sign of its impending launch.

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