Microsoft’s impromptu innovation center, the Garage, is producing a bunch of interesting apps which are not exclusive for Windows ecosystem. The apps are in fact mainly aimed at iOS and Android users, after recently unveiling the Selfie app Microsoft has now launched the Connections. As the name suggests, the connections is indeed a contact manager app which is currently available for the Indian Android users.


So to begin with, if you would think that this app is for transferring contacts from one device to another you are mistaken, Microsoft has created something pretty unique and yet simple. The Connections app will let you record the important happenings between your contacts, say for instance you just had a meeting with your boss and want to jot down a few stuff.

Now the app takes it a step further and will also let you keep a reminder on what info you have and about whom do you want to follow up and also when to follow up. If we break it down to the bare essentials, it is a digital version of the pocket diary we were so used to a decade ago.

The silver lining comes in the form of the categorization, Connections allows you to categorize the contacts based on your relationship between them and the app will also let you assign a color code for the same. The reminders also pop up as heads anywhere on the screen, pretty much similar to the Facebook Messenger notifications but only less disturbing.

Further, the app also lets you add visual notes and reminders from the phone gallery, for example if you have a list of items you need to order from the groceries just pin it to the contact. The contacts can be shared with others and along with the contact the other information including the notes will also be sent. Connections seems to be a powerful tool to keep track of information related with your contacts and also manage the information efficiently, that is the bottom line. We aren’t sure when Microsoft plans it to roll it out to other countries, but for now, it’s exclusively available on the Indian Play Store.

Download Connections from the Play Store

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