Windows 10 just like the other iterations of Windows comes in different versions but here is a new Edition that has been tailor made for the Chinese Government with heavy focus on security. The “Windows 10 Zhuangongban” which translates to “Windows 10 specially provided edition” is the latest attempt by the Redmond giant to cater for the Government officials. The operating system is reported to be heavily modded in order to suit the taste of Chinese Government which inadvertently conveys that security features have taken a precedence.


The primary difference between the Windows 10 Special Edition and the normal Windows 10 seems to be the lack of consumer apps and services present in the usual Windows 10 version. In an Interview, Microsoft China CEO, Raulph Haupter explained how they created the special edition in partnership with the China’s Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

We wish that the complete changelog or atleast the set of features was listed out but that might have not been possible considering the high level of privacy needed by the Government agencies. That being said TechInAsia has reported that the app would be able to run the usual bevy of Windows compatible apps, without a fuss.

China after being accused by the United States of Cyberwarfare had made counter allegations that the United States were the one trying to conduct a cyber warfare on the Chinese Government. Setting these allegations aside, it still is extremely important for the Government to protect themselves from such type of attacks as it might expose the nation to severe security risks. The new Windows 10 Special Edition might not ward off the risks completely but it is expected to at least provide an extra layer of security.

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