DayDream is Google’s new VR ambition and although some of the people are already dismissing VR as an over hyped technology, Google wants to prove otherwise. DayDream is Google’s latest attempt to mainstream VR as a technology while the earlier ones evolved around the Google Cardboard. DayDream will be a VR ecosystem consisting of VR viewers and motion controllers.


The DayDream will be made up of both hardware and software which is a clear sign that Google wants to take control of the entire environment and eventually reduce the variables. The new mobile powered VR is expected to mark its presence in the next generation mobile phones since it would need additional sensors and displays. In all likelihood Google might also update VR in the form of a software update and although the experience might not be as good as the DayDream it will still substantiate as a basic VR feature.

The VR mode is expected to be baked into the Android N followed by the actual DayDream ecosystem support. The new feature will come with an entire ecosystem of VR content to choose for, something that is yet to be attempted. Google has already created editions of YouTube, Play Movies and Google Photos. The company is also expected to roll out its red carpet for content producers including Netflix, Ubisoft, Electronic arts and other companies.


Here is the deal, your phone will be the display for the VR unit while you would also be needing Google’s upcoming VR headset and controller unit. Maybe, you might be able to use the controllers like a light saber and fight your way through the galaxies! Google has already partnered with OEM’s including HTC, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE and Asus. VR by Google would ideally mean a complete different league of competition since unlike Oculus, Google already has a huge user base at its disposal.

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