LeEco Le 2 is the latest budget smartphone making a buzz in the Indian market, thanks to its superior hardware mated with exceptional content offering, a one of its kind in India. While we are ready with our in-depth review of the Le 2, we thought we should also share some tips and tricks, which can help the new buyers of Le 2. So this article is for those who have already purchased the Le 2 and looking for more details on how to get the best out of the smartphone. In case, you’re still figuring out if you should go for the Le 2 or the good old Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, you should check out our FAQ and comparison post instead.

LeEco Le 2 Tips and Tricks

le2 adaptive brightness

How to Access the Quick Access Section on Le 2?

The usual place for the quick access is in the notification drawer for Android, but for Le 2 running on EUI, it is placed differently. Tap on the multi-tasking capacitive key, which gives you access to running apps, and the Quick Access shows up on top. EUI has managed to merge the command centre beautifully with multitasking, and IMO it is definitely useful.

If you swipe the list of quick action to the left, till the end you get an option “Sort”. This allows you to customise the quick access as per your need.

How to Turn on Adaptive Brightness on Le 2?

Le 2’s Adaptive Brightness is turned off by default. You can turn it on from going to Settings > Display > Turn on Adaptive Brightness. You can also enable it from the Quick Access settings. It is available at the extreme left.

It’s no surprise that it is turned off by default as it doesn’t work well when in broad daylight. The amount of expected brightness is low, and hence you will end up manually pushing up the brightness bar.

How to make the Le 2 display look Vivid?

le 2 color modes

EUI in LeEco Le 2 offers color profile for phones. This is a very basic feature, but still few phones offer it. If you are kind of person who would like to see colors on our phone being more vibrant and appealing, you can choose the Vivid mode. Go to Settings > Display > Color Mode. Here you can choose between Vivid, Natural, Soft and default.

How to Increase the Font Size on Le 2?

le 2 scale view

If you prefer a little bigger fonts than usual, EUI on Le 2 offers three basic options to change the font size. This can be done in two different ways. The first is by increasing the font size by going to Settings > Display > Font Size > Choose between Small, Normal and Large. If this doesn’t help, use the second option, which is Scale View.

This option adjusts the size and distribution of content displayed on screen. It’s like Zoom, but it fits in the display very well. You can select different display modes by going to Settings > Display >Scale View.

How to Enable Dolby Atmos on Le 2?

le 2 dolby atmos

LeEco Le 2 supports Dolby Atoms (which isn’t marketed for some reason) and sadly, this is also disabled by default. You an however manually turn this on by going to Settings > Sound & Vibration and scrolling till the end.

There is another option labelled as Digital Earphone. This works when you insert the USB Type C earphone that comes with the phone. This option improves the audio experience, but also consumes a lot of battery. So in case you are running low, and still want to listen to music, you an try turning this off.

Enable Vibrate on Call Answering/Ending

le 2 call vibration

This is yet another option which is turned off by default. Vibrations when a call is received, and during end calls provide important feedback, specially these days with so many call drops. In Le 2, you can enable this by opening settings and then tap on the App settings  > Call settings. Then scroll down till bottom to enable it.

How to Mark Notifications from some of the apps as important?

le 2 notification management

If you wish some app notifications to be important, and stay on top, and skip some of them, Android 6.0 allows you to customize it. Go to  Settings >Notification Management > Select Important Notice. You can also turn on Priority Notifications, Mark them as important, and also control options for Display banner, Locked Screen and Icon tags.

How to take selfies using fingerprint scanner on Le 2?

le 2 selfie with fingerprint sensor

Le 2 doesn’t offer too many features that can be used with Fingerprint Sensor (like on Honor/EMUI), but still offers an option that can be useful when taking selfies. All you need to do is tap on fingerprint sensor when taking selfie, and it clicks. However make sure to tap softly else your selfie might shake.

Go to Settings > Fingerprint and password > Enable Tap to Capture Photo.

Align Wakeup

In Android, apps hold a wakelock when they have to do anything. Dropbox uploading pictures, Evernote syncing in the background to update the notes, and Todoist updating itself in the background are few examples. It is important because if the phone sleeps, the process will be terminated, and hence the phone wakes up to get this done.

During night, wake locks are not needed as you will be obviously sleeping. All this can be done when your phone’s display is on and you are using the phone as well which is a smarter way of doing it and saves battery life.

le 2 battery tips

So when you enable align wakeup, it  essentially reduces wakelocks from apps when phone is idle. Google has a similar feature in Marshmallow called Doze. Align Wakeup is based on that. It seems that it is exactly the same or LeEco must have tweaked it further.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Battery > Align Wakeup > Enable both the options. It says that it effectively reduce times of phone wakeups, effectively saving battery. The second option that comes along with this is Clock Alignment night mode. It does the same thing except that it is for clock which keeps the display on all night.

How to Enable Battery percentage in Status Bar?

Go to Settings > Battery > Turn on  “Status bar – battery percentage”. This is a much better way to get an idea of how much battery is left compared to the plain progress bar style display.

How to Improve Battery life on Le 2 with Power Saving Management

le 2 power managmenet

Phone Manager App is an ultimate tool EUI packs in and brings lot of optimization tools together. While I have already pointed out many of them above, here are a few more you should use:

  • Enable Ultra Standby During Sleep.  This restricts all background activity when the phone is under lock mode. You can use it during night when you use your phone the least.
  • Lock Screen Clean up : Cleans up the apps that are still running during sleep mode.
  • App Protection : If you wish some of the apps to never run in the background, you can select to disable them.
  • App battery Usage Alert : If any of the apps are running in background, and consuming lot of battery, the system sends out warning.

How to Disable Apps on EUI?

le2 appwarehouse

Phone manager app includes a straight forward tool which makes it much easy to disable apps. Under App warehouse, you an select which apps you don’t want to use, and disable it.  We recommend you to use it for apps which you use the least, or even use it to hide apps.

How to change theme, and download new ones?

le 2 themes

EUI comes with three default themes which is well done to satisfy most of the consumer base. If you still wish to try out more themes, the skin offers option to download themes directly on your phone, and apply it with almost zero effort.

Go to Settings > Wallpaper and Themes. Here you can choose to download new themes (preview is available), and apply it with one single tap.  It is remarkable how quickly it applies the theme compared to some other phones.

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