Prisma, the photo filter app which created quite a ruckus on the social media ever since it was launched on iOS few weeks back, has finally exited beta on Android and available for download from the Google Play Store. Just last week, the app made it to Android in beta, but as one’d expect, Prisma apk was leaked online and the load on their servers was just too much, resulting in Prisma turning off the service for everyone.


In case you are living in a cave or something, you should know that Prisma is the coolest photo filter app out there with some artistic filters that can be applied to create a “painting” like photos meant to be shared on Facebook and other social media. It’s not like there weren’t photo filters app in the market, but Prisma made it all look simple and accurate. The amount of details it can capture is unparalleled. Check out our Prisma Review that we did when it launched on iOS for more details.

Using Prisma is simple and straightforward. Just choose the photo you want to apply the filter, choose one of the many artistic filters, which are nothing but paintings from great painters like Picasso, Da Vinci and others, and adjust the filter strength with a swipe gesture. But then, it’s a server side filter, meaning, one needs to have constant internet connection for this to work. So every time you apply a filter, the photo gets uploaded to their servers, gets converted and downloaded again. No wonder their servers struggle to manage the uptime. Considering that Prisma is free and available on Android 4.1 and up, we will be interested to see how well it fares to keep up the services with millions and billions of Android users jumping in soon.

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