Xiaomi has been constantly backing emerging startups and launching products in numerous sectors like LED strips, electric bike and a whole lot more. Today, the Chinese giant has extended the lineup with yet another device and this time it’s a washing machine through their collaboration with Minij – smart Mi Washing Machine.


The washing machine looks like a standard everyday device we’re accustomed to, although, it is extremely portable and small weighing at 34 Kilograms and a holding capacity of 2.8 kg. Additionally, the machine measures 415 mm in thickness and is 500mm wide. It is powered by an Amotec Kore DD inverter motor backed up by Suspa shock absorbers which are interestingly, produced by the same German company that apparently manufactures shocks for Mercedes Benz E Class. Furthermore, the product is highly energy efficient as stated by Xiaomi and uses a front load design and drum mechanism to wash clothes. There’s also a child lock functionality and a “cooking wash” mode that heats up water to 95 degrees Celsius for achieving higher levels of sterilization by killing cloth bacterias like E Coli, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Lastly, to live up to its “smart” tag, the Mi Washing machine can be controlled via the Mi smartphone app that can be used to command the machine to operate in 14 different laundry modes and other neat functions for remotely controlling the machine. It will available for a price of 1,499 Yuan (US$ 226) in China which roughly translates to Rs 15,000. However, the Rupee conversion really doesn’t matter as it won’t be arriving in India (or any country other than China) anytime soon alike every other product Xiaomi launches apart from smartphones. Xiaomi recently also unveiled a refillable Mi Pen, a portable mosquito repellent, and a VR headset. However, the company should be focusing on smartphones as their market share has been showing constant signs of decline with a loss of over 35% in the last quarter as per IDC.

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