Uber has been one of the most sought after cab hailing service globally and it’s no different in India. Uber has now announced two new features, “Dial an Uber” and “Request a Ride for others”. Now the Dial an Uber is a laudable feature since folks deprived of a smartphone and reliable internet connectivity can book an Uber by heading over to their website, remember Ola was the first one to introduce complete offline booking during its initial phases.




A couple of times, I was not able to book a cab back home since the internet connectivity at that particular place was not up to the mark and the Uber app took forever to open, it is times like this that the dial an Uber feature will come in handy. Moving on, request a ride for others is yet another useful feature that was launched in U.S some time ago. The feature will let you book a cab for your family and friends and this is something that will be super useful in emergency situations.


In order to ‘Dial an Uber’ head to dial.uber.com on your mobile phone browser and log in. Get a fare estimate and request the driver, once completed the system will connect you with the driver for further communications. However, once the trip is completed you would only be able to pay the driver in cash.


‘Request a Ride for Others’ is a great way of helping the elderly and people who don’t use smartphones. One can simply book a cab for their family members and also you can pay for their ride. For this, you need to set pin manually and also enter the pickup location of the person for whom the ride is being requested for. Once the booking is done you will receive two SMS’es, one with the driver details and another with the tracking link. Furthermore, the rider can either pay in cash or you can pay from the online wallets.

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