We all know how every year Apple has been announcing an iterative upgrade for the iPhone but along with upgrade it also puts iPhone users into a dilemma, whether or whether not to buy the new iPhone. However, last year around Apple tried to address this problem by announcing an iPhone upgrade program that essentially allowed the old iPhone users to upgrade to the latest iteration by paying a fixed monthly fees.


Folks who had opted for the iPhone Upgrade have been dejected as they could not book the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus on the launch day. The ordeal, however, was escalated to the next level when the customers left with a message to check back later even in the pre-order window i.e September 9. All the while new customers were able to book the iPhones without any troubles, yet another thing that didn’t go well with the iPhone upgrade customers.

This reportedly lets the customers fuming and some of them decided to take action and are suing Apple over the same. The lawsuit details as follows, “While scores of customers signed up for the program and were ready to take advantage of the every-year upgrade with the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple had a different plan in mind. It allowed non-iPhone Upgrade Program customers to snap up the limited inventory of the new devices while telling countless iPhone Upgrade Program customers to ‘check back later. [sic]”

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program customer are required to make a reservation to pick up the phone in-store. Unlike the usual orders wherein the phone is shipped to you and Apple informs about the transit time the in-store pickups don’t work that way. Once the in-store stock is extinguished the system asks you to check back again and will not inform you that whenever the stock is available next you will be the first in line.

The lawsuits want Apple to reimburse upgrade program owners for any extra money they spend while they wait for the new iPhone. Also, the lawsuit wants Apple to prioritize the upgrade program members at least for the next iPhone.

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