Apple has today rolled out an update to the macOS Sierra and with this, it aims at addressing several issues that have been plaguing the MacBook Pro including the battery concerns in the latest MacBook Pro. The update will also solve the graphics issues and the peculiar problems associated with the iCloud syncing. Things started getting ugly when users complained about the poor battery life in the new MacBook Pro and for the same reasons Apple has decided to remove the “time remaining” display from the pull-down menu on the Mac. The update numbered 10.12.2 will roll out starting today.

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Apple’s support communities and forums like Reddit were flooded with reports from users who claimed that the MacBook Pro has been returning a battery life of only 3-6 hours as opposed to the rated 13 hours. Later on, it was known that the folks who reported relied on the estimated battery life figures shown when one was clicking on the battery icon and this was apparently displaying the inaccurate estimate. The removal of the estimated feature is only a stop gap arrangement to bring down the complaints but in reality, it seems that Apple will be requiring some extra time to work on the battery estimate bar.

The discrepancies in the estimated battery life and the actual battery life might be a direct consequence of the new Intel CPUs that are dynamic in nature and cater to the needs from the CPU mostly on an on-demand basis. This, in turn, means that the switch from the low performance to the high performance happens on real time basis and in all likelihood, it messes up with the ability to provide an accurate battery life estimate. For instance, if you click on the battery life estimate the figures would be based on what you are doing at that particular moment. Apple has examined the battery life from the system tool and claims that the life is as expected.

Yet another glaring problem in the new MacBook Pro was the Graphics issue. Some users experienced a random flickering, screen tearing, checkerboard patterns, and other visual noises. While it was initially speculated that the problems were caused by hardware issues it was later learned that it was a software issue and is now stands fixed.

Also, misleading signage on the iCloud has been rewritten. For instance, macOS Sierra used to create a new location for your Desktop and Documents files but it used to completely move your files from the desktop to this location. This lead the users to believe that the files have been permanently deleted.

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