5G may be the next big thing in the telecom space, but there are a number of issues that needs to be addressed before that. Despite the fact that some of the leading global telecom operators like Telstra and Verizon have allegedly started testing the network, a set of standard specifications for the 5G has not been framed yet. And that’s the case with the logo too. That said 3GPP, the global initiative setting standards for 5G communication has finally unveiled an official 5G logo.

official 5g logo

The official 5G logo that got unveiled yesterday bears a lot in common with that of LTE Advanced Pro. Besides, it shares a number of key design elements with the original 4G LTE logo.  The only noticeable difference between the two is the use of green colored waves instead of the original red ones. According to a statement by 3GPP, the latest logo makes use of plain black text and textured waves to make it look stronger and shaper. This logo can now be used be used by manufacturers and service providers to declare that their product is based on the project specifications set by 3GPP. Ironically, as mentioned earlier 3GPP is yet announced any standard specifications for 5G network yet.

Apart from the logo, the announcement by 3GPP also spreads some light on an estimated roll out date for 5G rollout. As per the global initiative setting authority, the first set of technical standards for 5G referred to as 3GPPS Release 15 are due to complete by the end of 2018. This will be followed by 5G Phase 2 Release 16 specifications that are planned for late 2020. Telecom operators and manufacturers can use this 5G logo for both these phases.

Industry giants have been fast to jump on on the 5G bandwagon. Recently American telecom provider AT&T announced several of their 5G related initiatives including plans to deploy 5G based Network 3.0 platform in some parts of US. AT&T further revealed that Austin, the capital of Texas will be home to two of its new 5G testbeds. Back in September, Verizon too went public about their plan to test 5G technology in fixed wireless applications in rural, urban and suburban areas. We are expecting, even more, announcements regarding the future developments in the 5G space at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017.

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