Remember the Moment Case camera accessory for iPhone that was released in 2014? Well, they are back on Kickstarter with yet another offering. The company has updated their classic lens and has announced two new cases for iPhone users. Moment has been aiming to take photography to the next level and it all started with their first lens that was launched in 2014. The team focusses on pushing the envelope when it comes to building accessories and thus showcase how good an iPhone camera can be.

moment announces new lens with wider aperture and an iphone case with battery - moments case 1 e1486556426260

The Phone Case in itself serves multiple purposes apart from offering better lens. The lens can be screwed to the case within seconds and according to Moment, this is the only case that lets you attach the lens on either side the case. The case will also come baked in with a 2,500mAh/3,500mAh power bank that is literally expected to double the battery backup. That said users can either opt for a phone case without the battery.

The battery photo case saves you from the hassles of carrying an extra charging cable and a bulky power bank. Thankfully the implementation looks neat and impressive without any ugly bits that the users have to compromise with. The company claims that the lens has been redesigned keeping in mind the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’s wider aperture lens. Also, the Battery Photo Case offers a two-stage shutter release button which needs to be used in conjunction with the Moment Camera app.

moment announces new lens with wider aperture and an iphone case with battery - moment case 2

The moment lens can be attached without having to fiddle with the mounting plates since the case in itself comes with a mount. Also, the Photo Battery case offers better ergonomics and also adds a layer of protection from physical damages. Moment has not just stopped at the cases and has also introduced a new lens with the wider aperture. The Kickstarter pledge starts at $99.99 for the Battery Photo Lens while the Photo case will cost $29.99 respectively, both the accessories will be available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The wide lens is priced at $99.99 which is pretty reasonable especially after considering the fact that the competitors sell for twice as much.

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