It has been a crazy few days for all of us covering the MWC 2017. So much so that we decided to give our weekly crossword a rest. It returns today and in keeping with the mood, it revolves around what happened in Barcelona over the past few days. Yes, it is an MWC special edition of the Great TechPP crossword. Go ahead and see how many clues you can figure out and do remember to share your scores!


1 We rewrote this Ed Sheeran hit for the love of Nokia 3310. (5,2,3)
2 This company brought LED “back” on one of its phones. Literally. (7)
7 A real one would have sparked panic. On the Nokia 3310, it sparked applause. (5)
9 No Razr from Moto, but there was some cutting edge from ZTE (5)
12 Both Xiaomi and Lenovo have one (albeit with an extra ‘i’). Only one of them brought a new version to Barcelona. (4)
13 What Motorola showed off for the Z, and LG gave up for the G6. (4)
14 No Note, but Samsung still takes on the Surface. (6,4)


1 The company which helped Samsung move from the S-Pen to a…pencil. (8)
3 Abracabadra, make any surface a touchscreen with this Xperia. (5)
4 Oppo zooms in 5x with dual cameras, and still remains profitable. (8)
5 So many keys, and yet the name refers to just one.
6 Like a lens? We like both on the Huawei P10. (5)
8 They are saying Mi-too to Qualcomm and MediaTek. (6)
10 Tablets are not a bitter pill to swallow for this Chinese brand – it went Fore with its tablets! (6)
11 Google has got one, but the new Moto G5 has dual. (5)

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