Over the past few years, we have witnessed a staggering number of IoT devices, some of them scored high on the utilitarian front while some seemed like an overkill. Opus One is a smart umbrella developed by an S.Korean startup and the umbrella tells if it’s going to rain. The makers of this umbrella claim that this is the first time anyone has designed an umbrella that is linked with an app and can inform you before hand about the weather conditions.

this smart umbrella tells you when it will rain and is impossible to lose - smart umbrella

Just like all the IoT devices out there, one needs to download the Jonas smartphone app and connect the umbrella with the smartphone via Bluetooth. The LED lights on the umbrella handle notify the users about the weather and the red light on the device indicates that it will rain on that particular day while the green one hints at a clear sky. We have all forgotten our umbrellas at some point of our lives and this smart umbrella is set to change this by notifying the users when it is 10 meters apart from the smartphone. However, the umbrella also comes baked in with a “phone finder” feature that will allow you to search for your smartphone by shaking the umbrella for 30 seconds! Furthermore, the umbrella will also notify you about the calls and other alerts on your phone via vibrations.

Powering the umbrella is four AAA batteries that are expected to last for two years under normal use. The Jonas smart umbrella is made out of fiberglass aluminum frame and this apparently makes it light and equally durable. Also, the gravity sensor on the Umbrella will automatically trigger the sleep mode if no one is holding the umbrella. Opus One was founded by an ex-Samsung employee, Joseph Kim. At this juncture, it’s also worth mentioning that a similar product called HAZ Umbrella had been funded successfully on the Indiegogo. However, the HAZ Umbrella is a completely motorized umbrella and offers features similar to the Opus One smart umbrella. As of now, it seems that the Opus One umbrella is only available in South Korea and can be bought on the Opus One online store and yes it costs nearly $100.


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