We had earlier spotted an Amazon-branded camera last month that looked more like a security offering, however now it turns out that it’s Amazon’s new Echo Look. The device is a style assistant camera that will judge your outfits and rates the same based on how well it suits you. Amazon Echo Look is powered by machine learning algorithms. Well, the Amazon Echo Look is sort of the talking mirror that takes your full-size pictures and short videos to give you a better sense of how the outfit looks on you.

amazon's echo look is a $199 handsfree camera that rates your outfits - amazon keep echo
The device comes with a LED light, microphone and a base mount which can be attached to a wall or can be placed on any other flat solid surface. Amazon Echo Look works in conjunction with a companion app called Style Check which also allows you to compare two outfits side by side. Furthermore, the feature gives you ratings in percentage on which outfit will best suit you. Working behind the scenes is an array of algorithms and stylish opinions.

Additionally, one can also ask the Alexa on the Echo Look to play music and ask for the weather conditions. Amazon assures that it will keep on adding skills to the Echo Look. It’s very obvious that Amazon wants to have an upper hand when it comes to fashion retail and the Echo Look is more of a lifestyle option. Interestingly the Amazon Echo Keep can be used as a device to snap your pictures daily so that one could have a better understanding of their body changes.

Remember how most of us thought that the Amazon Echo Keep might actually be a security device early on? Well, it can be just that once it’s set to snap pictures at regular intervals. The Amazon Echo Look is priced at $199.99 and will be available on an invitation basis only. Those of you interested can request an invite on their product page.

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