On the heels of Microsoft event today, new leaked Surface Laptop images have surfaced. The source is none other than Twitter user WalkingCat who has been pretty consistent when it comes to Windows related leaks. Dubbed the “Surface Laptop” it looks like Microsoft’s contender for Google’s Chromebook Pixel. Furthermore, the Surface Laptop will be made available in platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, and graphite gold.

surface laptop images leaked right before the microsoft's event - surface laptop

The Surface Book will come equipped with a 13.5-inch PixelSense display and will also be offered with an optional Alcantara keyboard. As of now, it’s still not clear on the hardware bundling for the Surface laptop but the leaked images point at the existence of USB port, mini DisplayPort and the usual Surface power connector.

surface laptop images leaked right before the microsoft's event - surface laptop 2

Weighing in at 2.76 pounds with a thickness of 14.47mm the Surface Laptop is expected to come bundled with the Windows 10 S, a light cloud-centric version of the Windows 10 that is expected to stack against the ChromeOS. However, that being said the Surface laptop might not actually fall into the budget category and in fact, it will most likely be priced in the premium segment. On the otherhand, Microsoft may also unveil a new budget laptop powered by Windows 10 S as well.

The niggles associated with the Windows operating system has always been the bone of contention for Windows users. The longer boot times and overall bulkiness of the OS have weighed it down. On the contrary, Chromebooks are becoming popular due to its faster boot times and the light ChromeOS that rarely gives up on you. Google has further upped its ante by opening up Android apps for the ChromeOS in an attempt to enrich the Chrome ecosystem. It would be interesting to see how Microsoft will position the Windows 10 S and all the new features it has to offer.

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