Apple has announced the fourth major update to its smartwatch operating system at the annual developer conference, WWDC held in San Jose. WatchOS 4 overhauls a series of everyday apps such as Music, Workout and brings a couple of new watch faces including one that is powered by Siri suggestions.

apple announces watchos 4 with redesigned workout and music apps - apple watchos 4

For starters, WatchOS 4 comes with watch faces inspired from Toy Story characters such as Woody, “Kaleidoscope” that does essentially displays a dynamic design on the home screen and lastly, a face which extracts data such as context, your past history from Siri and displays relevant information based on the time such as traffic updates, calendar entries, what have you. Moreover, the company has made some significant changes in the Activity app. Now, at the dawn of a day, you will be able to set inspirations and set goals. Apple Watch, additionally, will tap into your workout history and suggest milestones accordingly. Whenever you achieve any of these, the watch will display a pretty new animation.

The Workout app has been redesigned as well with easier navigation and a minimalistic landing page. WatchOS 4 also brings support for high intensive training which means you can add multiple exercises such as running, cycling in a single session. The company has addressed the problems with gym equipment as well with WatchOS 4. Your Apple Watch can now connect to these machines and sync data with it. Initially, Apple has partnered with a few leading brands such as Matrix, Techno Gyms and more.

The Music application on the Apple Watch has received a new interface as well. It will now automatically display playlists based on your preferences and listening history from the iPhone. Developers will be able to access a preview version of watchOS 4 starting today, while a pubic release will be available this fall.

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