Running out of your monthly data quota prematurely is quite awful and this is one of the reasons why most of us keep a vigil eye on data usage. That being said despite being careful about actually using the internet we fail to realise that the background apps have been sucking up the precious data without your knowledge. Google’s solution to this problem is its new Triangle app that helps you zero in on the culprit by showing exactly how much data each app is consuming in the background.


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It also populates the list of the app in ascending order of their data consumption. With the Triangle app, one can simply restrict the app from consuming data in the background or allow the data usage for a predefined time frame. The app will let you set a time limit of 10 or 30 minutes and this will help conserve the data.

Well, the inbuilt Android feature to have a look at data consumption is decent but it doesn’t offer as many options as the Triangle app. The app is currently being tested out in Philippines and Google has partnered two major telecom operators Globe and Smart. Apart from the data saving feature, Google will also allow users to check their prepaid balance and earn data back. The Triangle app is advertising certain apps and downloading it will reward data to the users when they download the same. In all likelihood, the free data will be added by the Telecom operators with whom Google has partnered.

That being said the data back aspect of the app is sure to upset the net neutrality balance and it’s still not known how Google will tackle this. The app seems to be working only for the Philippines since I tried downloading the apk but couldn’t make it work the same on my Android device. Yet another downside is that if you kill background data access to the apps the notifications will stop working. It’s good to see that apps like Triangle are giving more controls to the users without


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