Motorola is one of those rare smartphone companies investing heavily in the idea of modular smartphone. It Moto Z lineup along with accompaniment Moto Mods epitomizes the concept of modularity. Google and LG long gave on their hopes of building a completely modular phone, so all we are left with now is new Moto Z2 Force and the Essential Phone.

Alongside its Moto Z2 Play, the Lenovo backed company debuted a new camera mod. The 360-degree camera Moto Mod will support all Moto Z series of devices. It was in fact, announced a month back at an event in Ghana. Motorola has revealed that the camera mod will cost a $299 and will be available for sale starting August 10.

The new 360-degree camera Moto Mod is essentially aimed at live streaming enthusiasts. Motorola has announced that the all new Mod is capable of streaming the recording to social medial channels. The feature will be pushed via a software update sometime later next month. The camera accessory will further allow you to edit picture and videos shot by the Mod directly in your smartphone.

360 degree camera moto mod

The Moto 360 camera features two 13MP sensors located on the front and rear of the module. It enables the 360-degree camera Moto Mod to capture 4K video at 24fps. Needless to say, that the Mod will connect to a Moto Z series device through the characteristic magnetic connector. This would make it easy to switch and swap on the move.

The latest Mod from Motorola will indeed add some value to the Moto Z lineup, but it would be interesting to see if it finds any takers. At $399 it doesn’t come cheap. Leave alone the fact, that many consumers don’t like investing on the separate mods. Further the Essential’s 360-degree attachment with 4K support and dual 12MP camera come much cheaper at just $199. With that said, it still isn’t clear when Essential will be shipping its smartphone, leave alone the 360-degree camera add on.

Coincidentally, Facebook just announced that its Live video streaming now supports 4K content for 360-degree video. It would act as a boon for the new 360-degree camera Moto Mod.

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