Apple launched three iPhones at an event today and the all-new 10th Anniversary iPhone X did steal the limelight. It’s typical for the iPhone pricing details to kick some storm and this time it was no different. With the iPhone X price breaching the $1000, the social media erupted with jokes, memes and some also went all the way to mention what one could buy with $1000. Keeping aside the shenanigans, let’s take a look at cheapest factory unlocked iPhone prices across the world.

where to buy factory unlocked iphone 8, 8 plus and the iphone x for cheap - iphone 2017 lineup

All the iPhones will be available as either factory unlocked or contract bundling. In this segment, let’s talk about the iPhone 8, 8s and iPhone X pricing for unlocked versions. Thanks to the different taxation rules, the iPhone prices differ from country to country. A couple of years ago the iPhone used to be the cheapest in Hong Kong but the same hasn’t been the case recently. That being said, Hong Kong along with UAE and Canada comes closest to the U.S pricing. In the U.S, T-Mobile is offering the unlocked iPhone 8 at the lowest price of $699 (plus Taxes). Let us take a look at places wherein you can buy the iPhone at the cheapest price.

Buy Unlocked iPhone 8 and iPhone X in the US

On first look, the US prices for unlocked iPhone 8 and iPhone X look a LOT cheaper than other countries, but you must not forget the taxes you need to pay in most states. For example, you need to pay 8.875 percent tax in New York which would push the iPhone X price from $999 listed price to $1087. Nevertheless, it’s still cheaper than every other country. But do consider the local taxes you need to pay if you are considering importing.

  • iPhone 8 $699 (plus taxes)
  • iPhone 8 Plus – $799 (plus taxes)
  • iPhone X – $999 (plus taxes)

Buy Unlocked iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X in Hong Kong

Needless to say, US offers the best price for all the new iPhones. However, Hong Kong is the second best (along with Canada). The prices are marginally more than the US pricing and of course, any changes in the currency conversion will further affect the price difference. Here take a look at the new iPhone prices in Hong Kong.

  • iPhone 8- HK$ 5,988 (apprx. $766)
  • iPhone 8 Plus- HK$ 6,888 (apprx. $881)
  • iPhone X- HK$ 8,588 (apprx. $1099)

Buy Unlocked iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X in Canada

The Canadian prices for all the iPhones are nearly the same as the Hong Kong retail price. In some cases, the price in Canada is a couple of dollars less than that of Hong Kong. That being said Canada is usually not the first choice when it comes to importing an iPhone. Let’s take a closer look at the Canadian prices,

  • iPhone 8- CA$ 929 (apprx. $763)
  • iPhone 8 Plus – CA$ 1,059 (apprx. $879)
  • iPhone X – CA$ 1,319 (apprx. $1087)

Buy Unlocked iPhone X in Dubai

  • iPhone 8 – AED 2849 (apprx. $775)
  • iPhone 8 Plus – AED 3249 (apprx. $885)
  • iPhone X – AED 4099 (apprx. $1115)

That being said, if you are planning to import device from other countries be wary of the customs duty levied. Yet another glaring disadvantage is that Apple still doesn’t offer an international warranty on its iPhones.

Update: Apple has recently extended the International warranty to iPhones. Click here for more details.

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