Android’s Play Store is brimming with file sharing apps which promise to keep your phone’s storage clean as you continue to swamp it with memes. Most of them, however, if history is any indication, cannot be trusted. Fortunately, Google itself is all set to launch its very own file manager app under the name — Files Go.

google's files go app will help you clean your phone's storage [apk download] - files go screenshots

Apart from letting you browse your phone’s files, “Files Go” comes with a slew of tools for freeing up the storage. One of such is that the app recommends uninstalling other applications which you haven’t used in awhile. Similarly, it sends out alerts when the storage is almost full and suggests activities like deleting app cache, clearing hefty media files, and more. In addition to that, the app can recognize and remove spam and duplicate images too.

Another nifty feature Files Go packs is the ability to quickly share files with your peers just like Xender or Shareit. It does so by setting up a local ‘fast hotspot’, hence you don’t require an internet connection. Despite all of these though, Files Go measures only 10MB in size which makes it perfect for low-end smartphones. Therefore, it’s safe to say it is indeed a part of Google’s Android Go initiative along with other apps like YouTube Go.

For the uninitiated, Android Go is the company’s yet another attempt at creating a more coherent and reliable Android experience for underpowered smartphones and attain the next billion users. The program was first unveiled at this year’s I/O developer conference. Google has been, for the past year, designing and updating its applications for building a much more accessible and attractive platform for emerging markets like India.

Files Go, however, is not yet available for everyone to download. Fortunately, the folks at AndroidPolice have already uploaded an APK file which you can install on any Android phone running Lollipop (5.0) or above.

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