It seems like Amazon might be prepping up a smart mirror for its next home product. The e-commerce juggernaut has patented a blended-reality mirror which could virtually dress you. The document outlines a full-size mirror with a screen positioned behind it.

amazon patents a smart mirror which can virtually dress you - amazon smart mirror patent

The patent further specifies that the “display device” will be capable of illuminating parts of the mirror through a partially transmissive surface. Combined with the portions reflected, the mirror “can provide a blended reality view to a user viewing the mirror”, adds the record. To do so, the product employs a series of cameras and projectors.

As per the patent, the mirror functions by, first of all, scrutinizing the real-world environment for developing a virtual model of the user. In addition to that, it identifies the person’s face and eyes to evaluate which sections need to be seen as a reflection. On the completion of this process, the mirror superimposes virtual clothes for essentially, producing a blended-reality image.

amazon patents a smart mirror which can virtually dress you - amazon echo look

While usually, patents such as this one are years away from public announcement, Amazon’s smart mirror might be closer than you think. The company, not long ago, acquired Body Labs, an AI-software and computer vision startup that excelled in a software which had the ability to build and dress virtual human bodies in motion. Not to mention Amazon already has a similar smart home product — the Echo Look which recommends you clothes and offers fashion suggestions by capturing pictures of you.

Amazon has been attempting to establish a strong foothold in the smart home as well as fashion industry for a while now. The company even reportedly has its own parent fashion brand that encompasses a various range of clothing under different names. The patent will fit in (pun totally intended) perfectly in this equation and could provide the push the e-commerce leader needs right now. It’s also worth mentioning Amazon has been eyeing the traditional brick and mortar market as well and could potentially launch flagship stores featuring mirrors like these.

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