Despite being such a primitive task, text selection on browsers has remained pretty much the same throughout these past years. Thankfully, browsers themselves have come a long way. Support for extensions on Google Chrome, for instance, has allowed developers to devise almost any missing feature you can think of. Therefore, in this article, we discuss a couple of extensions to supercharge text selection on Chrome.


supercharge text selection on google chrome with these 6 extensions - conveuro chrome extension screenshot

Conveuro is a nifty little extension which lets you quickly glance over a price’s value in various other currencies. For instance, if a product’s cost is mentioned in US dollars, you can select the written price and the extension will present a window containing its corresponding price in Canadian Dollar or Chinese Yuan. You can manually pick which currencies to include and it’s free too.

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supercharge text selection on google chrome with these 6 extensions - transover chrome extension screenshot

TransOver lets you translate paragraphs or words whenever you select text written in a foreign language. You can define the target language in the settings and even the input one if required. Once enabled, it allows you to simply select paragraphs and displays the translated content in a floating box. In addition to that, you can even apply all sorts of filters for websites and specify if you’d like to trigger the extension only on the press of a particular key. TransOver is free as well and you can download it from the link down below.

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Select Like a Boss

‘Select Like a Boss’ (Yes, that’s the actual name) is a free extension using which you can select links like any plain text. Generally, when you try to select links on websites, they are also accompanied by the embedded address. Moreover, there are situations where selecting a particular link’s content is not even allowed. ‘Select Like a Boss’ puts an end to these restrictions. However, it doesn’t come with any revert switches if, in any case, you would like to copy the complete link. You can, of course, always right-click and make use of the available option there. Hence, get your priorities straight before installing this one.

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Google Dictionary

supercharge text selection on google chrome with these 6 extensions - google dictionary screenshot

Tired of firing up a new tab every time you read an unfamiliar word on the internet? This one’s for you. As the name suggests, Google’s own extension augments your browser’s text selection with a dictionary. Just highlight a word and the meaning will pop up immediately. Furthermore, you can also configure a trigger key and store all of your selected words. Google Dictionary is free as well.

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supercharge text selection on google chrome with these 6 extensions - selectgo chrome screenshot

SelectGo shows a handy menu for either searching the selected text on Google or copying it. Moreover, you can locate similar occurrences on the page by enabling a setting. There’s even an option if you’d like to copy text as soon as you highlight it, thereby eliminating the need for pressing the control and ‘c’ key. SelectGo is free and you can download it from the link below.

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Selection Search

This quick Chrome extension is quite similar to SelectGo. However, ‘Selection Search’ lets you configure a bunch of search engines to appear in the popover menu. For instance, you can add Spotify or even YouTube.

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That’s about it for this article. Do let us know in the comments section if we missed a good one.

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