Apple is planning to extend its audio-focused product lineup this year with the introduction of new over-the-head headphones, reveals a report by Bloomberg. However, unlike what some might expect, they won’t be from Beats by Dre, a subsidiary of Apple. On the contrary, the headphones are expected to follow the footsteps of AirPod and will feature a similar set of features as well.

apple to take on bose and sony's noise cancelling wireless headphones this year [report] - apple bluetooth headphones
Apple Headphones Concept | TheApplePost

As per the report, the rumored headphones will have noise-canceling capabilities and will sit in the high-end price segment. This will essentially raise concerns for brands like Bose, Sony and Apple’s own Beats by Dre who currently have a strong foothold in the premium market with their range of noise-canceling audio products. In addition to that, the report says the new Apple headphones were scheduled to launch sometime at the end of this year. However, due to a few development obstacles, the date might be pushed back.

The headphones will be reportedly powered by Apple’s own chip which will essentially allow them to instantly pair with the company’s own products just like AirPods. Speaking of AirPods, another report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple might release two upgrades to the wireless earphones, one of them which will have a waterproof exterior. The new set of earbuds will also let the user summon Apple’s voice assistant, Siri by simply saying “Hey, Siri” instead of tapping one of the buds. It’s possible that the over-the-head headphones will offer a similar feature and might be unveiled alongside the AirPods upgrades.

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