It is not uncommon for hikers or any of us to carry a bucketload of devices when we go outdoors. It is in times like this that a puny power bank would fail to deliver and the need for a more powerful solution arises. In order to go off grid, one would need a large source of power, a source that is capable of charging an array of devices. Suaoki G500 is one such portable power station that promises to fulfill all the off-grid charging needs.

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The Suaoki G 500 is currently available via an Indiegogo campaign. Apart from including a 500 watt-hour battery pack, the power station also offers a variety of outlets for plugging in devices. The Suaoki G 500 offers two standard AC outlets, two quick-charging USB-A ports, USB-C port, two 12-volt DC ports and a 12-volt carport.

The numerous ports and the large battery life should essentially keep you covered for the entire camping trip. However, if you feel the backup is less then fret not, the Suaoki G 500 also comes with an optional 100w solar generators that use Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology for increasing the charging efficiency.

suaoki g500 power station is a one stop shop for all your off grid charging needs - suaoki g500 2

Interestingly, the Suaoki G 500 can be charged in three ways, including charging via a usual wall outlet, charging via the solar panel we mentioned earlier and a 12V/24V vehicle power outlet. The makers of the power generator have outlined the number of hours it can be used to power certain devices. For instance, the Suaoki will ideally power a mini refrigerator for 13 hours and a laptop for 45 hours. While the figures are indicative in nature it does give us a brief idea of what to expect. The LCD screen is intended to help users monitor the battery life and also the input/output energy.

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The Suaoki G 500 seems like an interesting concept that will come in handy for a multitude of use cases. The Power Generator is likely to shape up as an alternative source of energy during power outages. The Suaoki G 500 can be backed by pledging a minimum of $499 while the top end bundle with the solar generator will cost $749.

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