The rapid adoption of the smartphone has led to a demise of a multitude of products. One of these is standalone tracking devices. In the last few years, developers and phone makers have come up with a wide array of features and apps through which you can track your close ones, kids, and yeah, employees as well.

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The convenience of simply installing an app eventually ate up a major chunk of tracking devices’ business. However, there’s still a market for these dedicated utilities primarily for a little more advanced and specific purposes like keeping track of a fleet of taxis, a pet, or even a child who is not old enough to carry a phone around. We’ve been testing one of such tracking devices available in the market — the LT Personal Mega by an India-based company called Letstrack. Here’s what we think of it.

The Letstrack Personal Mega is the kind of device that’s supposed to stay out of the spotlight, and that’s exactly how it’s designed. It’s essentially a pebble-shaped black chunk of plastic with a couple of buttons for powering it on and triggering the SOS feature. The rubber textured top and bottom also ensure you don’t accidentally damage it while throwing around, for instance, in backpacks.

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It’s also surprisingly lightweight in spite of the presence of a humongous 5000mAh battery. Speaking of the battery, the LT Personal Mega can roughly last more than a week (usually 8-9 days) on a single charge. It can be juiced up through any MicroUSB cable in just over three hours.

The setup process is rather straightforward as well. All you need to do is enter your device’s unique ID inside Letstrack’s Android or iOS app, and you’re good to go. Of course, you will first need to insert an active data-enabled SIM in the Personal Mega. Letstrack logs and preserves each and every device activity from the past day which you can view later. This feature is, however, not free since Letstrack is employing its own servers. You get one complimentary year when you purchase the device, and add-on plans start from Rs 1,200 for an additional year.

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The LT Personal Mega doesn’t disappoint if we talk about the accuracy either. Its biggest letdown, however, is the app itself. While it doesn’t have any bugs, the design is outdated and unintuitive. But that being said, this isn’t the kind of app you will constantly be using and considering it is flawless at connecting and presenting you whatever information you need, I think you can live with it. Although yeah, a redesign would be a welcome change.

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The app also lets you configure a bunch of features like geo-fencing and even speed alerts if you’re tracking a vehicle. In addition to that, you can also share the device’s access to other users allowing them to view its whereabouts. There’s support for managing multiple trackers as well if you own more than one. The best part about this personal tracking device is that it works globally. It connects to a smartphone which in turn helps to track the location of the device.

The LT Personal Maga works as advertised but at Rs 7,499, I feel is a little expensive given the SIM card is not included. If you are, though, looking for a reliable tracker, you won’t be disappointed. Letstrack does have a few more products which are more affordable but designed to serve a particular purpose.

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