Facebook Introduces new Centralized Privacy and Security Features in the Wake of Recent Data-Privacy Debacle

by: - Last updated on: September 26th, 2020

Facebook has been taking a lot of flak from all the sides after the Cambridge Analytica expose. The Social Media giant is apparently making amends and trying to improve on the privacy front. The company is trying to crack down on the abuse of platform and is working towards making it easier to revoke app permissions. Let us take a closer look at all the new privacy features that Facebook has to offer.

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Bringing Data Settings and Tools to the Forefront

One thing I have always hated about Facebook is the inaccessibility of settings. Facebook has now sorted this out by offering a unified privacy hub for Facebook mobile users. With this in place, users can access all the privacy settings in a single menu. Facebook has also cleared up outdated apps, and you can always choose the type of information that you want to be withheld from the app.

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Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook is now offering a new Privacy Shortcuts menu. The menu is apparently more intuitive, and the developers have also worked on the ease of use. In this menu, users can add an extra layer of security by choosing features like the two-factor authentication.

Users can also review all the information that they have currently shared with the app and can delete the same. This includes the posts that you have reacted to/shared, or friends request you have sent and the other stuff you have searched on Facebook.

Ad Preferences

As Mark Zuckerberg announced early this year, Facebook is working on increasing the post engagement by prioritizing the feed from family and friends instead of an advertisement. The new Ad preferences feature will let you have a macroscopic control over the ads that are being displayed.

Post Visibility

Now you can blacklist/whitelist your friends and choose what they get to see from your timeline. The new feature will work for all your post, and this eliminates the need to set privacy for every post.

Download and Delete Facebook Data

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Facebook wants to come clear out of the data privacy debacle. As a first step, they are not only explaining users on what data is collected, but they are also working on displaying the same to the users. Yes, Facebook users will now be able to see all the data that has been collected, and you can also download the same. The Access your Information will display every comment, post reactions and things you have searched for. Users will be given a choice to delete the interactions.

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