Thanks to the IoT evolution, we have been witnessing a lot of daily use objects in a smart avatar. A smart toothbrush, smart shoes, smart coffee maker and what not. This time around, we have a smart connected telescope being offered as part of a Kickstarter campaign.

hiuni connected telescope will help you stargaze on smartphone and tablet - hiumi kickstarter

I haven’t been much of a stargazer but a connected Telescope is definitely not an overkill. The Hiuni smart telescope is aimed at both amateur and professionals. The device connects to an app and this means that you can stargaze by using your Apple or Android device. If you are an amateur, the Telescope will automatically position itself and eventually choose the best position for gazing at constellations and stars.

Stargazing might not exactly be comfortable by peeking into a telescope for a long duration of time. Hiuni’s new telescope has sorted it out by streaming the content to the companion app on your smartphone or tablet. The best part is that you can share the live video with your family and friends. The makers of the telescope also offer other content like story modes, tours, and challenges for astronomers. With every challenge completed one would get ranked better and earn badges and content.

Moving on, the telescope features Cassegrain design form factor with precision optics, dual-motor GoTO and dedicated image sensors that are optimized for the night sky. Other hardware bits includes a motorized Alt-Az mount, dual Aptina MT9M001 sensor along with an accelerometer and a magnetometer. Optic specifications are as follows, 280mm barrel with a 152.4mm aperture, 0.27 degree view angle, 1524mm focal length and a 12.8 stellar magnitude with a resolution of 1,280 x 1024 pixels.

hiuni connected telescope will help you stargaze on smartphone and tablet - hiuni kickstarter 2

The Hiuni Connected telescope also comes with a feature that lets you point at a celestial body of your choice and the device automatically adjusts for the best view. Moreover, users can choose between Sky View and Space View. It also comes with a mode that will monitor the stars throughout the night and will also compensate for the earth’s rotation. The pledge for the Hiuni Telescope starts at $539 and the shipping will begin on February next year.

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