Apple pulled the wraps from the latest iOS 12 at the ongoing WWDC 2018. The demo started with a primer that showcased how Apple Store has generated a total revenue of $100 Billion last year. It is no secret that Apple always manages to achieve higher adoption level when it comes to their newest iOS update as opposed to the Android. Let us delve into the details.

apple unveils ios 12 with faster app loading and retains focus on ar - ios 12 new features

First things first, Apple has announced that all the devices that supported iOS 11 will support iOS 12 and this will mean a lot to folks who are holding on to older devices. This also means that Apple is focussing on improving the performance of older devices. Apps on the iOS 12 launch 40-percent faster and the keyboard pops up 50-percent faster. With the iOS 12 opening, the camera is a whole 70 percent faster on older devices.

Apple has also employed a new mechanism to deal with peak loads. This mechanism/feature will “Optimize the system when it’s under load.” So what happens here is instead of increasing the CPU performance gradually the iOS 12 will directly draw enough power to handle the tasks at its disposal. Now, this makes us think what about the Battery Throttling feature?

The company has also announced a collaboration with Pixar and has readied a new file format called USDZ. This file format is specially made for the AR and it is intended to work on multiple apps across multiple platforms, more like a PDF for AR.

The ARkit 2 now comes with an improved face tracking, realistic rendering, persistent experiences and shared experiences. Thankfully Apple has also pulled the wraps from the multi-user AR app that allows two or more players to play AR games simultaneously. Apple is also bringing Lego experiences based on ARkit 2 to the App Store later this year.

As part of the iOS 12, the Search feature has also gone under the knife. Starting with the iOS 12 the Search will highlight “key moments and people that are important to you” The same sorting logic also applies for locations and categories. That apart the feature will also index each event in accordance with the date and time stamp.

The Apple Photos app has been ridiculed for not being as intuitive and user-friendly as the Google Photos. Apple seems to have listened to this and has added a dash of new features to the iOS 12 app. Called “For You” the new feature will suggest effects for featured photos.

Siri has been treated with new features as well. With the iOS 12 users can add Siri to your lock screen to help you with repetitive tasks. For instance, if you say “Hey Siri, I lost my keys” the Siri will open the Tile app and help you track the key. Furthermore, the DND or the Do Not Disturb mode will now hide all your notifications while you are sleeping.


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