Asus has announced a health-centric wearable at the ongoing Computex 2018 in Taipei. The new wearable measures blood pressure and can last for 28 days on a single charge. Asus seems to have finally shifted its focus to health-centric features as opposed to its previous smartwatches. The Asus VivoWatch is aimed at helping users maintain their health in a much better way and look for signs of impending health issues.

asus vivowatch bp arrives with blood pressure monitoring and ecg feature - asus vivowatch bp
Image: CNET

The VivoWatch BP also comes with an ECG and PPG sensors. Users need to place their fingers on a small circular metal plate to measure their vitals. Asus claims that the VivoWatch will display the readings in only 15 seconds of holding the fingers on the metal plate. Needless to say, BP and ECG machines are not compact. In fact, ECG machines until now operate by placing several probes on the patient’s body. BP machines have also not shrunk in size, and thus this creates a market for wearables like the Asus VivoWatch BP.

Since the Asus VivoWatch BP is clinical grade users can show the result to their doctors. Meanwhile, Doctors will be well equipped to handle the case as opposed to periodic clinical checkups. Additionally, the ASUS Health AI software will comb the data for any inconsistencies and help you make sense of the data.

That being said, we are not sure what other features the VivoWatch BP will come with. Will it offer notifications, widgets and other traditional smartwatch stuff? Well, Asus is yet to announce all the features in detail. That being said, I personally feel that the VivoWatch BP is more of a health-focused wearable and might totally ditch the other smartwatch features.

Other unknowns in the equation include the price of VivoWatch BP and the availability details. We have seen a surge in the number of wearables that are offering BP and ECG functionality. With the advent of such wearables, perhaps the fatalities with respect to heart issues will decrease.

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