When it comes to Bluetooth earphones, I am a huge fan of anyone offering a minimalistic approach, yet offer quality, and matches the sportsperson’s expectations. I have personally tried Jabra, and Mivi earphones and they are great for those who workout. In this post, I am talking about Tagg Sports Bluetooth Earphone which I found much better compared to them. Check out Tagg Sports Bluetooth Earphone Review, and if you should buy it.

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Tagg Sports Plus Bluetooth Earphone Review

Since I am using a Sports model here, the review is around my experience with the workout, run, and walk. It can be used as a casual earphone as well.

Design and Workout Experience

My first impressions of the Tagg Sports Plus wasn’t great. When you look at it, it’s just a thin wire with earphones attached at two ends. I thought, how will this hold up when I get out for a walk. Surprisingly, it actually worked well despite weighing just 25 grams.

In my experience, if a Bluetooth earphone can stay almost hidden and doesn’t let you feel its weight, it delivers. When using Jabra’s neck bud earphones, I could feel the weight around my collar all the time, and it would fall during fast runs. While Mivi has its advantage of less weight on the collar, I would always feel it pulling down because the weight was at two ends. Tagg Sports+, on the other hand, has almost zero weight.

The magnetic earplugs fit well and don’t drop out. This is where most of the weight is centered. The thin wires which connect both the earphones are accompanied by a small connector which holds the battery and music control. I used it during my run, and it was really lightweight. The microphone unit sometimes hit a bit, but that’s adjustable.

Call & Audio Experience

It comes with Bluetooth v4.1 and CSR 8640 Technology. The latter is a chipset from Qualcomm which is used in highly differentiated home entertainment and wearable audio products. It also has A2DP v1.2 for high-quality music and lets you control music or calls from the controls available in the earphone.

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That said, the call experience with Tagg Sports Plus was excellent. It comes with noise cancellation as well which can cut off noise to a great extent. However, if you are really in a very crowded area or on the road with traffic, the person on the other side will know it. When it comes to music, the experience was great. While it doesn’t offer bass like Mivi, it does offer great music experience. The audio wasn’t sharp, but with the right balance. According to the company, it has been tuned for the modern audiophile. Take that with a pinch of salt!

Tagg Sports Plus Battery Life

It houses 120 mAh battery which lasted for about 4-5 hours tops. I had used it for one hour during my workout, and then the usage was random. This could be less for few, but it’s pretty obvious because of the design. That said, it charges up completely in 2 hours, and if you are on the run, you can get an hour of battery if you keep it on charge for 20-25 minutes.

Note: A small warning here. Do not use a charger head which is more than 1 amp.


The earphones aren’t waterproof, but rather splashproof. There is no IP certification. This works during rain or sweat, but there is one big advantage. The part which holds the battery keeps hanging instead of being on your neck. There is a minimum chance of sweat getting inside it. I remember this was a big problem while I was using Jabra.

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What I did not like about Tagg is that it fails to deliver audio from two different devices. It will only connect to one device at a time. I usually use my earphones to watch movies, and also keep it connected to my phone. Secondly, the magnetic earphones do not receive calls when detached. So I had to put on the earphone and then hit receive call to start talking.

Whats in the Box:

  • 3 extra pairs of earbuds.
  • USB data cable for charging.
  • Good looking carry pouch.
  • Price Rs 3499


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Tagg Sports Plus is an incredible Bluetooth earphone for those who workout, for two reasons. One, it is lightweight, like really light, and second, chances of sweat getting inside the battery compartment are low. However, when it comes to music, you might get little disappointed compared to what I have seen with Jabra and Mivi earphones. How we wish we get everything for the same price, but then, it’s all about making right compromises considering our requirements.

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