Reliance Jio, in its Annual General Meeting announced the Jio GigaFiber services to provide high speed internet along with a host of other services like GigaTV and some IoT devices like a smart speaker to go along with it. Today, the services are open for registration and if you’re interested to avail the JioFiber broadband, you can now do so, but how fast you’ll receive the connection depends on the demand in your city.

jio gigafiber registrations now open, roll-out to begin as per popularity - jiofiber

What this effectively means is more the number of registrations from your location, better are the chances of expecting a rollout in your locality soon. The GigaFiber internet service is said to provide speeds of up to 1GBPS and will eventually be launched in over 1,100 cities in the country.

How to Register for Jio GigaFiber

So let’s see how you can register your interest in Jio Gigafiber.

  • First, head over to Jio Gigafiber’s official registration page by clicking this link.
  • Next, it will ask you to enter your location on the map, after which you have to choose if the given address is that of your home or work.
  • Once the address is confirmed, you will have to enter your name as well as mobile number to which an OTP will be send.
  • Once you confirm the OTP, your registration will be successful.
  • You can also enter addresses of your relatives and friends living in the same city to increase the chances of quicker roll-out.

Once you complete these steps, you will have to wait for Reliance Jio to announce which cities would be the first to receive the roll-out depending on the number of registrations. Do note that you do not have to pay any fee while registering your interest.

Jio Gigafiber will enable you to stream 4K content on your TV along with support for VR games and videos as well. When paired with the GigaTV set-top-box, users will be able to view 600+ TV channels along with thousands of movies and songs from Jio’s own native apps like JioTV, JioCinema and JioMusic. The bundled remote will also support voice commands through which users can effectively watch whatever they wish just by saying the name of the channel/show/movie.

Along with Jio GigaFiber, as promised during the AGM, the JioPhone 2 as well will be available starting tomorrow in a flash sale model and can be purchased for Rs. 2,999. You can check out our post on the JioPhone 2 if you wish to know more.

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