The browser, in the last few years, has transitioned from being just another app on your computer to being your workflow’s centerpiece. For some of us like me, it is the workflow. Emails, tasks, documents, movies — the majority of what I do every day is carried out by a browser which is also why I am an early adopter of Chromebooks.

But at the end of the day, browsers are apps too. And it can get a tad messy when you’re trying to do everything on one application especially while juggling between hundreds of tabs and tons of windows.

workona comes to web workers' rescue by bringing the concept of workspaces to the browser - workona demo

Enter Workona, a Google Chrome extension which brings the concept of workspaces to your browser. Workspaces, on Workona, are nothing but your work divided in multiple windows which, of course, begs the question — What’s the purpose of installing a third-party tool then if it’s just creating new windows?

It’s management. Sure, you can fire up multiple Chrome windows and segregate your several projects across them for a more efficient setup but what Workona brings to the table is the ability to organize this mess you call a setup. Once up and running, Workona pins a dashboard to your Chrome windows. From there, you can view all the active windows and the tabs each of them contains.

workona comes to web workers' rescue by bringing the concept of workspaces to the browser - workona demo 2

This allows you to easily manage and switch between these workspaces. Switching to another one also doesn’t involve any delays or minimizations. Workona simply replaces the tabs on your existing window. The entire process also doesn’t take more than two or three seconds even if you numerous tabs. Obviously, that depends on your computer’s hardware too but mine’s an entry-level MacBook Pro from 2014 and it ran quite fluidly.

From the dashboard, you can also select tabs and bring them together to spawn a new workspace without going through heaps of steps. In addition, you can name and color-code these workspaces so that it’s much less cumbersome to find them from the dashboard or the custom new tab page Workona adds. The new tab page comes with a search bar through which you can locate and jump to any tab or window.

workona comes to web workers' rescue by bringing the concept of workspaces to the browser - workona search demo

The other big highlight of Workona is that it can save these workspaces and can sync them across devices. So you don’t necessarily have to keep them always in the background. You can just come back to them later when you need it. Workona also lets you build shared workspaces and collaborate with your colleagues on the same browser window making it ideal for people who work remotely.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Workona is truly the sort of tool every modern day employee needs. By adding workspaces, Workona essentially acts as an operating system inside the browser letting you comfortably manage and switch between a multitude of tabs and windows. While there is a premium subscription available, the free version, which allows ten regular workspaces and three shared ones, should suffice the majority of users.

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