In the age of social networks becoming more about networks and less social, Instagram thinks its new feature can save the day to an extent. With a new update which is now rolling out to everyone, you can share your stories with a select number of people by creating a list called “close friends”.

instagram now lets you share stories with a select number of people - instagram close friends

Instagram thinks the new addition will bring the flexibility to share more personal moments since you won’t be worried about your parents or even strangers watching them, all while still keeping a public profile.

Close Friends on Instagram is, for now, limited to stories but there’s a good chance it will be extended soon to regular posts as well. To build the list, you will have to head over to your profile and tap the “Close Friends” option in the right navigation drawer. Instagram will even suggest you accounts based on how often do you interact with them whether through comments or direct messaging. Once that’s done, a new option will be available whenever you’re all set to publish a story.

To remove members from the Close Friends list, you will have to go into the same settings. Instagram doesn’t alert anyone when they’re added or dropped from the list but the former will know it from the green-accented circles on the top of their feed.

While it might encourage people to share more, Instagram still has a more glaring problem looming around its platform. The Facebook-owned social network has rolled out tens of major features and updates in the just the past year which has, as you’d expect, let to a cluttered app. There’s IGTV, suggestions for hashtags, accounts in your feed, stories, and a whole lot more. Therefore, in an environment like this, it’s difficult imagining Instagram trying to be more personal.

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