In a briefing on the Newsroom, Apple has announced that it is organizing a ‘Shot on iPhone’ challenge which would involve iPhone users from across the world sharing their best photo (that they have shot on ANY iPhone) and win a chance to get it featured on Apple’s official website, social accounts, retail stores, and even billboards in various cities. The challenge goes on from January 22 through February 7 with results expected to come out around February 26.

get your photo featured on the billboards with the new 'shot on iphone' challenge from apple - shotoniphone

Interested users can participate in the challenge by uploading the best photo shot on their iPhone (within the past six months) using the hashtag (#ShotOniPhone) on Instagram or Twitter with their official public (not private) accounts. Users, who don’t have an account on either of these sites, you can submit their photo via email on following the file format ‘firstname_lastname_iphonemodel’.

According to the rules, the photo that you decide on submitting could be either straight out of the iPhone (unedited) or edited with either Apple’s own editing software or any third-party software. Nonetheless, if the photo is edited, it should be mentioned in the details, with information regarding the software used for editing, along with the filters/effects added on the photo.

Once the submission deadline ends, the photos will be judged by a panel of some of the well-known photographers, including Pete Souza, Austin Mann, Annet de Graaf, Luisa Dorr, and a few others. In addition to the judges on the panel, some of the Apple employees, which include the like of Phil Schiller, Brooks Kraft, Arem Duplessis, and a few others, will also play a part in judging the submissions.

After the submissions have been judged unanimously, ten of the best photos will be shortlisted, giving their owners/winners a chance to get their photo featured on various different places like Apple’s official website, social accounts, retail stores, and billboards across various cities.

After the results have been announced, you can check if your photo made it to the top 10 list by either visiting the Newsroom or by sending an email to, prior to March 1.

So go ahead, submit your best shot, and get featured!

UPDATE: Apple is now offering a certain amount of compensation (un-disclosed) to the winners whose photos make it to the list of top 10 photos. The decision comes from Apple as an addition soon after it posted the challenge online and received a backlash from people. The concern put by a lot of people was that the winners only get exposure, and nothing else, whereas, Apple on the other hand, gets all the rights to use the photo wherever it requires.

Here’s a statement from Apple on the same which has also been added to the challenge announcement page:

Apple believes strongly that artists should be compensated for their work. Photographers who shoot the final 10 winning photos will receive a licensing fee for use of such photos on billboards and other Apple marketing channels.

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