Unless you are living under the rocks, you would know that Google’s Inbox email service is slated to be shut down on April 2, 2019. Some users are getting perplexed about which service to opt for next. Especially with a huge variety of email services available across different platforms, choosing the right email client isn’t really easy.

best free google inbox alternatives on ios - google

So to make things simpler for you, here’s our short guide on choosing your next email service for your iPhone.

1. Gmail

Google’s very own email service – Gmail – launched way back in 2004 and is a definite competitor in the list of email services. Its iOS app offers a clear and easy-to-use interface, with easy access to different options available at ease. The organization of emails based on different categories is neatly done and managed by the app itself. By doing so, the incoming emails are filtered out, providing you with an easy way to navigate and access them easily without encountering any problems.

best free google inbox alternatives on ios - gmail

Some of the features that Gmail provides include the option to undo send, switch between accounts, swipe functionality, thread conversations, access Google Calendar invitations from the app, organize emails by starring, archiving, labeling, deleting, and much more.

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2. Spark

Spark is one of the most popular third-party email apps available. The app offers an intuitive, fast, collaboration-friendly design to allow you to focus only on what’s important and get a lot done without bothering to find various functionalities hidden under menus. It has a ‘Smart Inbox’ feature, which, just like it sounds, allows you to see what’s important in your inbox by categorizing emails under different sections and cleaning up the rest. For teams, which are continuously on the look for an email service that is easy to use and offers the most basic important functionalities, the app does a great job at allowing teammates to collaborate together and get answers to all their questions.

best free google inbox alternatives on ios - spark mail

In addition to that, Spark also offers a certain set of functionalities like scheduling, snooze, smart notifications, built-in calendar, swipe functionalities with customization support, creating secure links, and support for other services like Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, etc.

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3. Edison Mail

Edison Mail is an all-in-one inbox that allows you to manage all your email accounts in one place. It has a simple and clean UI that makes it easy for you to perform actions without having to go around the different menus. Similar to a lot of email apps that provide swipe functionalities, Edison Mail is no different, with the added ability to customize the swipe functions. There’s a built-in AI assistant in the app that takes care of all your scattered emails and organizes them into categories like bills, subscriptions, travel, entertainment, etc. The app also provides you with a no-ad, reduced spam experience, along with the ability to unsubscribe from emails straight from the app itself.

best free google inbox alternatives on ios - edison mail

Other interesting features of the app include bulk delete mail, security assistant, package tracking and alerts, smart reply, TouchID protection, undo send, automatically detect signatures, smart notifications, customizable multiple account views, etc.

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4. Microsoft Outlook

Developed by Microsoft, the email service offers enterprise-level performance, which is why it has become a preferred choice for most people. The app provides a Focused mode, which restricts the type of emails it presents to you by only showing what’s relevant (based on your past conversations) and getting rid of the rest. In this way, it manages to provide you with an easy way to access your emails and get a lot done in a small duration of time.

best free google inbox alternatives on ios - microsoft outlook

Similar to most email services, Microsoft Outlook also offers some additional set of features like swipe functionality, easy access to meeting schedules, the ability to attach and view files from other services like OneDrive, and Dropbox, support for documents from Microsoft Word, Excel, and other apps, a new search experience to allow you to search for things like files, contacts, trips, etc.

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It is not easy for users to let go of an app, especially an email app, that they have gotten accustomed to and use in and out, to abandon and switch to a newer one completely. However, in the case of Google Inbox, users are left with no other option but to find a new service and make a switch. So follow our guide and try out all the listed options. And do let us know your favorite picks from the lot.

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