Xiaomi has confirmed the launch date for its upcoming smartphone, the Redmi Y3, in India. After teasing the launch of the smartphone for a week now, the launch date has been slated as April 24 in India. The information was put out by Xiaomi via a tweet on Twitter. According to this tweet, the Redmi Y3 will sport a 32MP front-facing camera to allow users to capture more detailed selfies.

redmi y3 with 32mp front-facing camera set for launch in india on april 24 - redmi y3 india launch

The image shared along with the tweet shows a U-shaped notch on the top of the smartphone that houses the 32MP front-facing sensor for selfies. Taking into consideration the previous generation Redmi Y2 that also focussed on better image quality and provided a 16MP sensor, we can expect its successor, the Redmi Y3 to showcase some good quality images out of its 32MP sensor on the front.

In the tweet, Xiaomi denotes its 32MP camera as “#32MPSuperSelfie”, which adds to the build-up that has already been created around the camera. Although the company has not revealed any specifications or further details about the device, the hype that has been created is real, and it would be interesting to see how the company prices the device with competition promising ‘a lot’ for ‘less’.

While Redmi was made a sub-brand for Xiaomi in China, the same is yet to happen in India. Redmi continues to be just a lineup for Xiaomi but has been the most dominant lineup with hardly any non-Redmi phones being launched in the country. The Redmi Y series was introduced to take on the offerings from Oppo and Vivo which were targeting the selfie-loving crowd in India. The Redmi Y3 is expected to continue that trend.

The Redmi Y3 launch follows the launch of Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro in India back in February this year. Inevitably, the Redmi Y3 is expected to compete with its own sibling, the Redmi Note 7 as has been the case in the past with the two lineups.

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