T-Series, India’s largest music production house, has today become the first ever YouTube channel to hit the enormous milestone of attaining 100 Million Subscribers. T-Series was competing against an individual creator, PewDiePie, who held the crown of the most subscribed YouTuber until earlier this year when T-Series surpassed him and maintained the lead to get past the 100M mark first.

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T-Series, who have uploaded 13,440+ videos on their channel at the time of writing, changed their YouTube cover image to mark this milestone stating that they are the first YouTube channel globally to have surpassed the 100 Million mark. In case you are not aware, T-Series uploads Bollywood and regional Indian songs on their YouTube channel and has garnered more than 70 Billion views across its videos on YouTube.

The online war between fans of PewDiePie and T-Series saw both channels gaining a ton of attention all over the world with fans going all out to promote their favorite YouTube channel. PewDiePie, who was leading the chart earlier this year has now moved down to the second position with a little over 96 Million subscribers and should soon reach the 100 Million subscribers mark too, to become the first individual creator to attain the milestone considering T-Series is a corporation.

The T-Series YouTube channel was established in 2006 and in 13 years, they are not only the most subscribed channel but also the channel with the most number of views on YouTube. T-Series also took to Twitter to announce this major milestone and thanked its subscribers for helping them in making India proud. We got to wait and see if PewDiePie has anything to say on this milestone!

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