How to Save a GIF from Twitter on Computer/Android/iOS

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Of the many social networks present on the internet, Twitter is one of the most lively, telling, and communicative platform among all. A large part for which has to do with the interactive behaviour that its users put up through engagements to share their views and opinions with other like-minded users on the platform. In recent times, with the visual format taking over other formats, more and more engagement on Twitter (or any other website for that matter) has started to involve some level of visual exchange. Be it emoticons, emojis, or more recently, GIFs.

How to Save a GIF from Twitter

With the ability to share GIFs on Twitter, it is definite to see a large number of GIFs all over the platform. And with such spread, it is likely for you to come across GIFs that you wish you could save and use in your future conversations. Unfortunately, unlike other websites or services, Twitter does not allow you to save GIFs on its platform directly on to your device. The reason behind this is the way Twitter handles GIFs on its platform. Rather than showcasing GIFs as GIFs, it instead converts them into a video file, in its own proprietary video format.

So, in this article, we take a look at different ways to save a GIF from Twitter on Computer/Android/iOS.

Saving a GIF on Computer

One of the easiest ways to save GIFs from Twitter is using a computer. As unlike other platforms, it does not require the need to download any additional software to accomplish this. Instead, all you require for this method is a computer and a web browser to visit the EZGIF website. EZGIF is an online animated GIF maker and image editor that allows you to upload and edit GIF images for free. Here are the steps:

1. Open the EZGIF website in a browser, tap on ‘Video to GIF’ option from the menu, and select the ‘Video to GIF’ option again from its sub-menu. As mentioned above, we are using the ‘Video to GIF’ option because Twitter saves GIFs in its proprietary video format.

ezgif 1
ezgif 2

2. Open Twitter in a new tab and visit the tweet with the GIF you want to save.

3. Tap the share button on the bottom of the tweet and copy the link to the Tweet by selecting the ‘Copy link to Tweet’ option.

4. Go back to the EZGIF website tab and paste the copied URL (link) in the input box below ‘OR paste video url:’.

ezgif 3

5. Once done, hit the ‘Upload Video’ button.

6. On the next screen, you will see a bunch of options like Start time, End time, Size, Frame rate, and Method, to customize the GIF, which you can fiddle around with as per your requirements.

ezgif 4

7. Finally, hit the ‘Convert to GIF!’ button.

ezgif 5

You will see the result for conversion in the ‘Output GIF’ section below the ‘Convert to GIF!’ button. From here, you can either save the GIF on your computer using the ‘save’ button or perform actions like crop, resize, rotate, etc. on the converted GIF.

Once you hit the save button to save the converted GIF to your computer, the save window pops-up with a few different options. From here, make sure you select the Format as ‘GIF image’ and the file extension as ‘.gif’.

Although you can access the EZGIF website in a browser on an Android and iOS device, the ease-of-use that you would get on a computer is far-fetched. Which is why downloading a platform-specific dedicated app on these platforms is the ideal way to save a GIF from Twitter.

Saving a GIF on Android

To save a GIF from Twitter on Android, we recommend you to use the ‘Tweet2GIF’ app. It is a pretty straightforward app with an easy-to-use interface to get the task done without much hassle.

This is how you do it.

1. Download and install ‘Tweet2GIF’ app from the PlayStore.

2. Open the tweet with the GIF you want to save, hit the arrow-down button, and select the ‘Copy link to Tweet’ option.

tweet2gif 4 1 tweet2gif 5 1

3. Open the Tweet2GIF app, and in the Url input field, paste the URL (link) you just copied.

tweet2gif 6tweet2gif 7 1


4. Finally, hit the ‘Download GIF’ button to save the GIF to your device.

tweet2gif 7 2

You can access the saved GIF in the directory that you set as the default download directory. Additionally, you can also download the MP4, share the GIF via different apps, access the previous history, and perform a few more customizations using the settings.

Saving a GIF on iPhone

Similar to how you used a platform-specific app on an Android to save a GIF from Twitter, you can use a dedicated app for iOS, to accomplish the same. The app available for this purpose on iOS is GIFwrapped. Besides allowing you to search for a GIF you found on Twitter, it comes with its own library of GIFs based on different moods and situations.

Below are the steps involved.

1. Download and install ‘GIFwrapped’ app from the App Store.

2. Open the tweet with the GIF you want to save and hit the share button. And from here, select the ‘Copy link to Tweet’ option.

gifwrapped 1 gifwrapped 2

3. Open the GIFwrapped app and hit the search icon on the bottom.

4. Finally, paste the URL (link) you copied in the search bar on top and hit ‘Search’. Alternatively, hit the ‘Use the Clipboard’ to directly paste the link you copied in the search bar and get the result.

gifwrapped 3

The app presents the result for your GIF and allows you to save it to your photo library. Additionally, it also offers a bunch of other features like the ability to sync the GIFs with Dropbox, change Pixel Density, host, etc. And as mentioned above, you can also use the app to search for various kinds of GIFs based on different moods and situations.

Now that you have downloaded the GIF you wanted, you can freely share it across different platforms and engage more expressively than before.

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