Alongside the Realme XT, Realme has also announced three new accessories at the launch event in India today. These include a phone case, Realme Buds Wireless earphones, and a 10000mAh power bank. Realme had already launched the power bank along with the Realme Q in China earlier, and it had promised to bring it to India as well. So, let’s take a look at 10 cool things about the Realme Power Bank.

10 cool things about the realme power bank - realme powerbank

  1. Thinner and lighter design, coming in at 12.5mm thickness and 230grams weight, to make it easy to use and carry around.
  2. 10000mAh high-density lithium-polymer battery with bilateral fast-charging and quick charge support for a wide range of devices.
  3. Dual power output: USB Type-A and USB Type-C.
  4. Maximum output power of 18W for each port and combined output power of 5V/3.1A.
  5. Ability to charge other electronic devices like laptops, game consoles, wearable devices, etc.
  6. Low-current mode specifically for charging wearable devices.
  7. Two-way quick charge over USB Type-C to allow you to charge other devices while also being able to simultaneously recharge the power bank.
  8. 12-layers of protection against – output overvoltage, output overcurrent, input overvoltage, input short-voltage, input large fluctuation, cell temperature, overcharge and overdischarge, short circuit, electrostatic, electromagnetic field, chip thermal shutdown, and reset.
  9. Ability to retain sufficient capacity even after 500 charge-discharge cycles.
  10. Three different color options: Yellow, Gray, and Red.

Realme Power Bank Pricing and Availability

The Realme Power Bank is priced at INR 1299. It will be available starting September end on Amazon, Flipkart, and Realme’s official website.

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