Looking at the ever-growing demand for smart assistant devices, especially Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon has introduced a new product in the market, the Echo Flex. The Echo Flex is a simple plug-in smart speaker that plugs directly into an electrical outlet, allowing you to have Alexa in multiple rooms. Essentially, the idea behind the device is to introduce more people to use Alexa and take advantage of its features without having to spend much.

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As already mentioned, the Echo Flex is like a plug-and-play device, which can be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet across different rooms. Since it plugs-in directly to a wall outlet, it does not require any external wires or chargers, which makes it easy to carry around and use whenever and wherever required. The company says it is the most affordable way to control smart home devices and have access to Alexa in different rooms. It works with devices from a wide range of brands, such as Philips, SYSKA LED, Oakter, TP-Link, and more. So you can trigger Alexa and turn on/off lights or AC easily.

Similar to other Echo devices, which you can connect to different speakers, the Echo Flex can also be connected to your favorite speakers using either Bluetooth or the 3.5mm audio jack. Furthermore, besides using it as a smart assistant, the Echo Flex also doubles up as a charger. It includes a built-in USB-A port (7.5W) that can be used to charge a phone or any other device.

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To ensure the privacy of its users, the Echo Flex claims to be built with multiple layers of privacy controls, along with a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphone. In addition, you can also view or delete your Alexa recordings at any time.

Amazon Echo Flex: Pricing and Availability

The Echo Flex is priced at Rs 2,999. It is available for pre-order starting today on Amazon.in and will ship starting next month. As an introductory offer, Amazon is offering a Wipro 9W Smart LED (worth Rs 2,099) for no additional cost.

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