Oppo has today finally unveiled a new iteration of its own custom skin, ColorOS 7 (based on Android 10), at an event in Delhi. The company had already announced ColorOS 7 in China last week, and today, it has officially made its way to India. Alongside a wide-range of Oppo devices that it will be powering, ColorOS 7 is also set to come to Realme devices (with Realme UI), starting with the Realme X2 Pro.

coloros 7 is here: 15 cool features you need to know - coloros 7

15 things to know about ColorOS 7

  1. ColorOS 7 takes inspiration from Oppo’s Infinite Design concept and includes its own lightweight visual interface on top.
  2. The new design has the much-awaited Dark Mode, along with an Eye Protection Mode and new material design icons.
  3. The UI offers a Smart Sidebar on the screen that can be used to pin favorite apps and shortcuts for quick and easy access.
  4. Oppo has partnered with an audio design company, Epic sound, to offer an overall improved audio experience on ColorOS 7.
  5. It comes with CachePreload, which, as per the company, can open and start apps much quicker than the previous version of ColorOS.
  6. ColorOS 7 includes oMem, a proprietary feature that adapts to users’ usage behavior to allocate system resources accordingly. Oppo says oMem can boost RAM utilization by 40 percent and increase system response by 30 percent.coloros 7 is here: 15 cool features you need to know - coloros 7 features
  7. During gaming, Oppo says the ColorOS 7 offers an improved touch response by 21.6 percent and an enhanced frame rate by 38 percent.
  8. Besides oMem, ColorOS 7 also comes with another proprietary feature, called oSense, which is a scheduling mechanism that gives priority to front-end and user-related threads.
  9. The new update also includes a bunch of privacy-focused features. One such is the ‘Personal Information Protection’ that allows users to protect their information from third-party apps.
  10. There is a Private Safe on the OS, which, just as it sounds, allows users to secure their personal photos, videos, documents, etc in a secure vault in the storage space.
  11. The company has also partnered with MEITY to integrate a special DocVault in the DigiLocker service to allow users to store their official documents more securely.
  12. ColorOS 7 introduces Camera X, which allows third-party apps to get access to the phone manufacture’s existing camera capabilities.
  13. The camera now comes with AI Beautification 2.0 that can identify outdoor, indoor, and night-time environments and also detect light based on different scenes to suit your face tone.
  14. Ultra Dark Mode on camera uses independent AI chips to detect noise in different regions and runs a night scene algorithm to reduce noise in a much faster and effective manner.
  15. The inclusion of a new smart assistant allows users to swipe and get and get all the different information such as weather, calendar events, etc.

ColorOS 7 Availability

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During the announcement, Oppo highlighted that ColorOS is currently used by more than 300 million users, with support for 140 countries and over 80 languages around the globe. The company will be rolling out ColorOS 7 for over 20 of its smartphone models, including Oppo Reno, Oppo Reno 10, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, and Oppo Reno 2, alongside Oppo Find, Oppo F, Oppo K, and Oppo A series. It is releasing a trial version for its users to get an early taste of the new skin, which starts today, November 26. Interested users can join beta testing by going into Settings > Software Updates > Setting Icon — Trial Version.

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