Mobile gaming in India is becoming a ubiquitous hobby. From PUBG Mobile to COD, the majority of the youth spend a few hours daily on their phones trying to win the chicken dinner. While games like PUBG could only be enjoyed on relatively expensive devices due to the requirement of higher graphics and processing power, with time, this notion seems to have changed as both Qualcomm and MediaTek have come up with SoCs for budget-oriented devices that pack in a lot of power. While the Snapdragon 460 will still need some time to make its debut, the MediaTek Helio G70 on the Realme C3 allows you to play the best of games without spending a fortune.

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Smooth + Ultra Graphics on a Budget!

For those of you who regularly play PUBG Mobile, we are sure you understand what Smooth + Ultra graphics means. For those of you who don’t, this graphics setting is usually found on more expensive devices that cost upwards of Rs. 15,000, like the new Poco X2 which has the Snapdragon 730G chipset. The Realme C3 costs less than half of that phone but still lets you play with a similar graphics performance. The Smooth + Ultra setting is supposed to clock a constant 40fps and while we did observe some frame drops from time to time, the game is certainly playable, and the experience is the best you can get in this segment.

What helps the performance further, is the fact that the Realme C3 only has a 720p display which means the Helio G70 does not have too many pixels to push. We played PUBG Mobile for an extended period on the device, close to an hour and the device held up surprisingly well. The experience wasn’t as smooth as more expensive devices, of course, but it was the best that we have come across in this price segment. Along with the powerful chipset, Realme also has a ‘Game Space’ baked in which optimizes the gaming performance by limiting resources to other apps on your phone while you’re gaming.

As we said earlier, while the performance is great for the price, it’s not perfect. If you land at hot drops or there are a lot of enemies during an intense fight, the phone does tend to lag a bit and drop frames. This is an issue that will bother you if you’re a hardcore gamer, but again, you probably wouldn’t buy the Realme C3 for hardcore gaming.

The Best Entry Portal to Mobile Gaming

If not for hardcore gamers, who should buy the Realme C3? According to us, the Realme C3 is the perfect portal for beginners to enter the field of mobile gaming, but do not want to spend a lot of money. The performance is more than adequate to get you started off, and if you’re serious about e-sports, you can upgrade to a more powerful device in the future. The 5000mAh battery also means you can game for a long time at a stretch.

realme c3 gaming review: smooth pubg on a budget! - realme c3 pubg 2

The screen is nice and large for your fingers to rest on while playing. While the display panel isn’t the sharpest out there, you cannot complain much for the price that the Realme C3 is being sold at. Also, if you play gyro, the response time of the gyroscope seems a little delayed, and if you play claw, the touch response with four fingers isn’t the best with the default screen protector on, so make sure you remove it before playing. Raw performance is clearly the USP of the Realme C3, and for Rs 6,999 for the base variant, it seems to deliver that really well.

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