Need to choose a dish at a restaurant? Use Google Maps!

Google Lens gets into Google Maps

by: - Last updated on: March 10th, 2020

Just the other day, we had told you how to use Google Maps to pick a restaurant that would meet your food moods and requirements. That approach works very well if you know what kind of food you want. But what if you end up going to a place you have never visited before? And do not know what to order? Well, you could trust the judgment of the staff, look at online reviews or… well, just check Google Maps. Yes, Google Maps can also tell you about notable dishes at restaurants and cafes, and even tell you more about them.

google maps lens

Doing the magic is Google Lens – Google’s super handy app that gives you information about anything you take a picture of. And no, you do not have to open Google Lens separately here or take a picture of anything. Everything is baked right into Google Maps (note: this works only on Android!).

This is what you need to do to use this feature:

  1. Open Google Maps and pick the place you wish to visit.
  2. Once the place is located on the map, you will get information about it on the lower part of the display. Tap on the lower part to get to more details.
  3. Step2

  4. One of the options now will say “Menu.” Go right ahead and tap on it. You will now see two options “Popular” and “View Menu.” Well, you could simply go with “Popular” and end matters there. But we are assuming you need to take a closer look at the menu and not merely be swayed by popular opinion – and well, we DO want to use Google Lens – so go ahead and tap on “View Menu.”
  5. Step3

  6. This will now show a page with different pages of the restaurant’s menu. Go ahead and choose one.
  7. Step4

  8. The page you have chosen will now occupy the screen and you will see a tiny magnifying glass (the Google Lens icon) on the top right corner, as well as at the lower center of the page (where it is accompanied by the words “Explore dishes”). Tap either of these magnifying glass icons.
  9. Step5

  10. You will see dots sprout up all over the menu page as Google Lens gets to work.
  11. Step6

  12. Now you will see the menu with some items highlighted in orange and with a star accompanying them. These are popular dishes. You will also see pictures of popular dishes on the lower part of the page.
  13. Step7

  14. To find out more about any dish (favorite or otherwise) on the page, simply tap on it. This will show you details about the dish on the lower part of the display. Tap there to find out more about the dish – you will get Google Search results, just as you would on Google Lens.
  15. Step8

  16. Explore the menu. Decide what you want. Order. If nothing strikes your fancy, go right back to the beginning and check out another place and its menu.

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